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Avoiding The Top 2 Email Marketing Mistakes

Avoiding The Top 2 Email Marketing Mistakes
Avoiding The Top 2 Email Marketing Mistakes

Because email marketing can be a great way to get potential consumers to visit your website and purchase your products or services, knowing how to use email marketing as a main marketing technique the right way is to the advantage of every business owner and operator. Contrary to some business owners’ beliefs, email marketing really does work, and it will work even in an industry saturated with similar marketing and promotional materials as long as you do not make these two very big mistakes.

The following are the two biggest mistakes made in email marketing campaigns:

Distribution List Myth: Sending personal email is one thing, but sending advertisements and promotional materials is another entirely. For this, you need the email recipient’s explicit permission to do so before you send the email because of ICANN anti spam laws. These laws state that recipients of marketing, advertising and other promotional materials either must have requested that specific email, or otherwise agreed to receive promotional materials of any kind.

Thinking that sending email marketing to someone is OK simply because that someone already appears in your personal contact list is wrong. Very, very wrong, in fact, and doing so can get you a government fine and reprimand, get you banned from just about everywhere and can ruin your personal and business reputation. The best thing to do to prevent any of this from happening is to learn the correct way to conduct an email marketing campaign. Anyone can learn about email regulations from the ICANN website, or by reading into the FAQs on their email provider’s website as well.

Generic Email Myth: Using a generic email template might make your campaign easier to manage and less time consuming, and you might have a recommendation from someone on which templates to use. The problem is that generic email templates show your customers you do not care; a thought that can destroy a business quickly and using them lessens the chances the recipient will even open the email.

Generic, non-personalized email marketing templates oftentimes contain duplicated materials, boring content and boring subject lines that do not fit your business’ style. Recipients typically ignore these types of emails or delete them the minute they hit their inbox, simply because they were boring or annoying.

You can combat this by spending quality time writing your email marketing materials and by learning everything that you can about writing a great attention grabbing email. Yes it is time consuming, but well worth it to ramp up sales and subscribers. If you really do not have the time to write yourself, hiring a writer with email marketing experience is a good idea. This way you not only you save time, but you receive professionally written emails that look like they took days to write.

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not realize they are making these mistakes, or have difficulty with email marketing techniques that work, which has led to a great many businesses and business owners being labeled spammers or worse yet, frauds. The effect that email marketing can have on your business’ conversions and ROI is worth the time it takes to learn correct email marketing techniques and the regulations of the road. Not learning them can destroy you, your business, and its reputation, but the choice is ultimately yours in the end so make sure you make the right one and avoid these two big mistakes.