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How Online Pr Affects Your Sales

How Online Pr Affects Your Sales
How Online Pr Affects Your Sales

Modern organizations enjoy a wealth of options for marketing their products and services and spreading their brand message. These marketing opportunities include:

  • Encouraging word of mouth among your clients.
  • Buying ad space in periodicals including newspapers and magazines.
  • Purchasing ad space in media programs such as radio and television shows.
  • Utilizing the many marketing channels found online.

Which of these marketing opportunities is right for your business?

Plugging In

If you’re like most businesses, the best modern marketing opportunities all lie online. There are a few reasons why online advertising trumps all other forms of traditional advertising:

  • Online advertising is fast. You can create a marketing campaign in a couple minutes and immediately begin to expose potential customers to your message.
  • Online advertising is highly targeted. When advertising online you’re able to only share your message with the niche most likely to actually demonstrate interest in it.
  • Online advertising removes barriers to buying. If someone reads your advertisement in the newspaper or sees your ad on the TV they will need to look for your product in the store or call a toll free number to make a purchase. When someone sees your advertisement online all they need to do is click on a link to enter a carefully crafter buying opportunity.
  • Online advertising is measurable. It’s difficult to know the precise impact a traditional advertisement has on your bottom line. Online advertising allows you to see the precise conversion rate of each brand message you post.
  • Online advertising is easy to improve. Because of the sheer volume of data produced by online advertising opportunities, you will be able to test slight variations on each of your brand messages to see what works best, allowing a constant state of improvement.
  • Online advertising is cheap. No form of traditional advertising allows you to reliably drive qualified traffic to your website or landing page for pennies.

What Types of Messages Can I Spread Through Online PR?

When building your online marketing message you can take advantage of many forms for sharing relevant news, including the following:

  • News about the development of release of a new product or service a specific niche will find valuable.
  • A press release or a media release providing an in-depth explanation of what value your business provides and who it provides that value for.
  • A synopsis detailing a recent news story or other media hit related to your business, the work it does, a product or service it offers, or a public service it performs.

The internet provides multiple avenues for spreading any of these messages. Online channels for sending press releases to massive numbers of journalists all in one batch are plentiful and inexpensive. Social media websites give you the opportunity to speak your truth in innovative ways, such as through podcasts or viral-oriented videos. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the ability to build deep, personal relationships with your customers and fans, while simultaneously giving those fans the ability to share your message with their personal contacts. Pay-per-click advertising funnels, such as Google Adwords, allow you to send your ad message to those precisely targeted individuals who are most likely to actually take advantage of your offer.

In fact, any marketing message you would send through a traditional advertising channel can be spread faster, easier, cheaper, and more effectively thought online PR. A successfully executed online PR campaign will both improve public perception of your business and increase sales of your products and services. Even if your business is currently successful, it will benefit from taking advantage of online PR.