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7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020
7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Planning in a changing and in the online marketing sector is crucial and we must try as far as possible go a few steps ahead. Stay behind in this race background can leave you without a chance of winning.

1. The mobile optimization is becoming a necessity

The optimization for mobile devices has been a fact for companies during this 2019 however, in the future, have a responsive web design will not be enough. The year 2020 will mark the beginning of mobile strategies focused on the optimized content and social media marketing for these devices fully thinking.

Google has already put us on alert this year to warn that the mobile usability is already a factor in the outcome of Word Search to. This reality is confirmed by the new mobile usability tool Google Webmaster Tools.

2020 will be the year of the strategies focused specifically on mobile devices.

Therefore it will be easy to see that in the next 2020 many companies begin to work its digital strategy putting the focus on mobile devices. Websites with responsive design fully tailored, targeted mobile advertising and even generated content specifically for mobile users.

It is a fact that the behavior of a mobile user and the way they interact differs in certain aspects of the Internet user type to which we are accustomed. Hence many companies valued having a social strategy moving average.

2. Marketing content to a higher level

If the phones begin to be the focus of the strategies online content marketing is a really large. That is why in 2020 we will see the importance of generating content is greater than ever.

However, this also poses a new challenge of great significance: How to emphasize the marketing of content when everyone is doing it? That’s where the difference is marked, quality, originality and value of content generated decanted the balance.

To win this battle, the video content will be one of your strongest allies. Linked to the previous point, the visual content is the most effective mobile devices. What about the text? Too, but in a shorter and faster consumer format, hence the importance of thinking generates exclusive content for these devices.

3. Inbound Marketing to rule them all

The Inbound Marketing is a strategy that is based on three pillars: content, SEO and social networks.

Content marketing is the new SEO

Perhaps in the past three disciplines mentioned they coexisted somewhat independently but related bonds that are becoming stronger and make the line between them is increasingly blurred.

Content marketing is now one of the main factors of search engine visibility .Companies that do not have a strategy in this area. You will hardly made profitable investments in SEO. This makes the pure and simple SEO has been relegated to more technical aspects such as indexing, penalties, keyword research, upload speed …

On the other hand, they make their social media speaker function. The amplifier must any content strategy. If it is important to create quality content, so is its promotion and distribution.

4. Online advertising as a profitable investment

Although the online advertising is seated there are still many companies, especially SMEs, who see it as a great expense rather than a great investment. During this year we have seen how Facebook beat records of advertising revenue. It is not surprising that the organic range of pages on Facebook has fallen, and that means a greater increase in ad spending to keep traffic and sales from these channels.

It is a fact that companies that invest seriously by online advertising are positive results with increased visibility and traffic. Facebook Ads and joined Google Adwords as a very interesting option.

Now it is the turn to other actors such as Twitter that still needs to improve its system. The key to success is paying Milestone, which will stimulate investment in small and medium enterprises. Paying for managed email or downloading a simpler implementation would calculate profitability (ROI) of such shares advertising.

5. The new approach to email marketing

Building a database of potential customers that exploit the work generated by the other strategies are and will remain fundamental. The email marketing is entering a new dimension where differentiation with other competitors is vital.

Email marketing remains a powerful weapon sale, however, studies have shown a lower percentage of users who buy directly to receive an email as described in this report HubSpot .

Lost effective email marketing? What happens is it necessary to establish new creative strategies based on relationships via e instead of using this tool as a simple way to make a quick sale.

6. Promotional Advertising fewer and more relevant

Although banner advertising is still a way to gain brand visibility your click through rate it has declined substantially in recent years. This does not make it an interesting resource especially for small and medium businesses that see great difficulties in measuring the ROI of such actions.

Instead, the relationship between publishers and brands becomes more necessary than ever looking for the best way to encompass the promotion of a brand within the content of value to users .

A sponsored post should offer quality and useful information to the user so that it fits perfectly between the remaining contents. Only then, the reader will perceive the mark as a real alternative that gives benefits and puts solution to your needs.

7. Humanization of Brands

Social networks have become a new form of communication where users do not converse with corporate brands using jargon, but with people. Brands that are able to connect with their audience on a more human level enjoy higher conversion rates, greater loyalty with more satisfied customers and therefore with a faster growth of the brand.

Success in social media has determined by the ability of a company to humanize its brand. Companies that engage and develop relationships with their fans, followers and subscribers are those who get real benefits.