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What Sets Internet Marketers Apart?

What Sets Internet Marketers Apart?
What Sets Internet Marketers Apart?

I had been spending some time on Twitter recently when it struck me how many “Internet marketing experts” there were out there.  I couldn’t help but wonder, “Since when did Internet marketing become the new college major?”  With so many people all vying for each other’s attention and business, it is often difficult to tell one marketer from another.  To further prove my thinking, I spent some time going around and visiting some Internet marketing blogs.  The messages all seemed to be the same:

  • Brand yourself
  • Network with others via Social Media
  • Study SEO and know your keywords to get better ratings in Google

What Sets Internet Marketers Apart?

Sometimes Internet marketing can feel like being pushed into a crowded room in which everyone is talking about the same thing in only very slightly different ways.  At the end of the day, everyone’s trying to make a few bucks based on what they know and are able to successfully convey to whoever will buy it.  So, what sets the great marketers apart from the rest of the crowd?  I’ve been able to make a few observations on this subject:

  1. Quality; Not Quantity:  There are some people that you will see on every single social networking site available.  They’ll tend to have a fairly decent following, but at the end of the day what does their site look like? Is the quality of what they have to say really worth it?
  2. Quality Time: How often do you set aside time to actually read (not skim) other people’s blogs?  What about the few readers or people that you have on  your own blog who leave comments?  Do you write back to them or respond on their blogs?
  3. Quality Site: You should think of your website or blog as you would your home.  Would you want to invite people over if it was a mess?  Keeping that in mind, the layout of your site should be friendly, clean and highly navigable.  A lot of people will go crazy with banner ads, etc. and while that may be a source of revenue- you need to keep your readers in mind and know that that might turn some of them off to what you have to say.

What do you think?  In your opinion, what sets Internet marketers apart?