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What Color Is Your Website? Accesscolor Can Help

What Color Is Your Website? Accesscolor Can Help
What Color Is Your Website? Accesscolor Can Help

When you visit someone’s website or webpage, do you know that it’s bad right away?  One way to tell this is by the color choices and schemes.  One of the top mistakes that newbies make when it comes to web design has to do with the color contrast.

My Computer Doesn’t Look Like Yours

Because we all work from different computers that have different color settings on it, what may look like pink to one person may look like red to another.  When you are choosing a design layout for your website, you really need to be conscious of the colors that you’re throwing together.  If the colors don’t gel together well, it can cause readability problems not to mention turn of possible readers from your site.

Take a look at the picture to the right.  Which one of the PayPal logos is easiest to decipher?  Not all of us are born web designers.  This why there are so many programs available now such as AccessColor.  AccessColor is an online tool which tests the color contrast and color brightness between the foreground and background in order to make sure that the contrast is high enough for people with visual impairments.

Why is Contrast Such a Big Deal?

Color contrast is extremely important because it determines how long someone will stay on your webpage.  It affects one’s ability to read and comprehend information. According to one website,

Low contrast is mostly a text issue – If you have colors that are too subtle next to each other, then it will be hard to read, or impossible for some people….If you are using colors that you are not sure of, test them on more than one monitor – different monitors display colors slightly differently, and you can end up with something being readable on one, borderline on another, and just a bit hard to read on still another. Try a flat panel monitor, and a CRT monitor, and try different manufacturers. A Mac and a PC is another good option.